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Ready-Made vs Custom Furniture: The Pros and Cons

Custom-made furniture is often perceived as a costly extravagance. Therefore, consumers usually perish the thought of decorating their space using custom furniture. Read-made furniture is widely considered a much more affordable and way of decorating a space. There’s plenty of truth to that train of thought, though custom designed furniture isn’t necessarily as common perceptions lead us to believe.

Furniture which reflects your business or personality

Ready-made furniture gives you some choice regarding colour, fabric and style, but it doesn’t allow you to have a one-of-a-kind piece like customisable furniture does. When you work with a custom furniture builder, you will be able to create a piece that accurately reflects your personality or business concept. A custom piece of furniture can either seamlessly blend into your space or become a statement piece that stands out from the rest of the room.

The perfect fit

One of the big advantages of having your furniture custom made is you will fill your space as efficiently as possible. Ready-made furniture is made to a predetermined size, whereas custom made furniture is measured and made to your specific requirements. This includes both the physical size and shape of the piece. Overall, you can maximise your use of space with custom made furniture.

Quality and durability

Choosing to go with custom furniture goes beyond contributing to your piece on a creative level, it also means you can make decisions about the quality of your new furniture. You can have the final say on the woods or fabrics that will be used in the design of your furniture. On the other hand, ready-made furniture is commonly made using pressboard or plywood and tends to be less durable due to its lower quality.

If you’re going to be placing your furniture where there’s going to be a high area of traffic and may get damaged — in the lounge room where there will be plenty of children — then choosing something that’s cheaper to replace may be the smarter option i.e. ready-made furniture. However, if you’re after a piece that will be long-lasting then don’t look past custom-made furniture.


It goes without saying, ready-made furniture flies out of the factory a lot quicker than a custom-made piece does. With ready-made furniture, the wait time for delivery could be from 0 days to a couple of weeks, depending on stock levels.

Custom-made furniture, on the other hand, does take some time. It depends on the popularity of your chosen designer, the complexity of your design, as well as the quantity of furniture that you need. It could take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months for your furniture to arrive.

If you don’t mind waiting, go for the latter option. While custom-designed furniture does take more time to arrive, you will be purchasing furniture that will last longer and will end up saving you money over the long run.


When it comes to price, ready-made furniture will almost always win that battle. Though, not by as much as you think. If you’re talking about replacing parts, then sure. With ready-made furniture there are always spare parts laying around and their inexpensive to replace. In terms of buying an entire piece of furniture though, custom-made furniture isn’t a far worse option all the time.

Ready-made furniture designers inherit some major costs i.e. running factories, cost of materials, employing middle men, and working with profit margins. If you take that into account, then commission a custom furniture designer may be a slightly more expensive, but far more valuable route to go. Over time, your custom-made furniture will hold its value significantly compared to ready-made furniture. It could also turn into an investment that actually increases in value.

No matter what your budget or furniture needs, contact us from free consultations or to order your custom-made furniture. All our collections can be completely customised to suit your wants and needs.