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How to choose the best colour for your furniture

One of biggest choices to make when you’re choosing your furniture is colour. It plays a significant role in the purchase process. Colour also has the biggest impact on the feel of your living space. Large furniture pieces such as sofas and beds don’t get changed often, so their colour has to be versatile. Now, if you’re buying a new piece of furniture and require it to be a particular colour or shade then you can rent the furniture. Or, another option is to go for some custom-made furniture. By going custom, you can choose any colour or shade to suit your needs. If you’re confused about how, here are some tips from us.

Factors influencing your choice:

Scale and style the two major factors that influence your choice when choosing new furniture. Smaller pieces generally tend to handle bold colours better than larger ones. Larger pieces are better suited to muted and toned-down colours, such as shades of white, grey and black.

Next, style will also your choice of furniture. If you’re going for a masculine piece, with sharp edges and straight lines then it’s best to choose plain colours with natural hues. On the other hand, feminine pieces typically give you more freedom to experiment with colour and let your creative juices flow. Feminine pieces tend to have elements such as curves and carved wood.

Popular colours for your living room:

While there are no colours that you absolutely need to pick for your furniture, neutral colours are always the safest way to go. Neutral colours work well for chairs, couches and just about any other piece of furniture you can think of. Examples include, beige, grey, chocolate brown and black. If you prefer quirky colours though, softer shades of lavender, grey-green and even red can work. Lately, oyster white is turning out to be a popular colour as well. You can experiment with all these colours by getting custom made furniture.

What colour should your sofa be?

Traditionally, you should opt for colours that match the colours of the wall. Then, you can accessorise introducing accent pillows with vibrant colours to add some excitement. This will help emphasise the sofa as the focal point in your living room.

Popular colours for accent furniture:

The most popular colours for furniture pieces such as end tables and coffee tables include, light pine, espresso and various shade of brown and black. Though, you can also experiment here with metallic tones like silver and brass. Glass is another popular option as well.

Additional tips on choosing furniture colour:

Keep the colour scheme of the rest of your room in mind when choosing the colour of your furniture. This includes carpets lighting and any other piece that significantly contributes to the look and feel of your room.

If you would like to incorporate a colour-pop effect then bring in some accent chairs and include colours such as Red and Blueberry with some custom-made furniture. Also, invest in a good collection of blankets and cushions with a refreshing colour scheme, so that you can change the look and feel of any part your space.

Finally, opt for custom made furniture like ours! Any piece you choose is completely customisable. You can get any piece to achieve any feel you want.